Imagine what it would be like to meet “the one”. Maybe you have. But what if you only knew them for a few hours while walking home in the snow? You part with a kiss. One tiny, precious kiss. And then the next day, full of fire and expectation, you find that they’ve gone without a word. But you’re young so you suffer your loss with quiet resignation. There’s plenty more to come after all.

And then, thirty years later, you’re still waiting. Hoping. Comparing. And despairing until that memory is triggered by a chance meeting in a taxi ride home and you see an opportunity to find resolution in what happened thirty years ago. But there’s significantly more to your family than you or your new travelling companion could’ve imagined as you drag him with you on a voyage of discovery.

Meet Dr Ingoldsby and Matthew Dullsworth.


Imagine, if you can, what it would be like to be an animal growing up in the world of men. You can choose which animal and what point in history. But choose wisely. Now consider what perils could await you as the animal you’ve chosen. But what if there was another world? One controlled by horses. A place where the animals can communicate. And hold power over dreams. And men. If you chose a rabbit or a foal, imagine a journey from this world into that one.

Meet Dandy and Hutch.


Two threads that started innocuously enough and without a plan, will slowly but surely come together in a place well known to the world of animals.

The Purple Wood.

But they are only the latest participants in a Pagan story that goes way back in history beyond the coming of Christ. This is a story about a power that has been squabbled over for millennia. The power over life itself. The Legacy. The Book of Aiwass. The world of dreams.  Immortality.

As the collection of characters gradually immerse themselves deeper into the story they will find themselves up against the past. Even history itself. And, unwittingly, up against someone who believes The Legacy is rightfully theirs.

But all of them have one thing in common. They want resolution. And it will come.

The Story

Amazon review...

A perfect blend of normal and fantasy!!! Myth and magic!!! Characters are so believable. Found it hard to put down

© 2016 by Mark Fisher