The Ingoldsby Legacy

So where did it all go wrong...?

The knowledge that Aiwass (High Priest to Cleopatra) had been entrusted with had been handed down through the holy men and shamans for millennia. Each new recipient was chosen for their application to their craft as well as their superior intelligence. But the singular most important trait that must be shown by these individuals was deemed to be trust. This, after all, was a relationship with the earth - with Mother Nature.

At the heart of this relationship were the animals. The natural food chain was an accepted paradigm necessary for the survival of life itself - the fact that mankind had risen to the very top of that food chain was neither here nor there. What mattered was that every element from the plankton and bacteria to the largest mammals were shown a level of respect and their place recognised. Without that respect, the food chain becomes unbalanced - threatening all life on earth. The Native Americans know this. The Native Australians know this. The Amazonian tribes know this. In essence, it is about cultivating survival not cultivating wealth.

When Mother Nature emerged from the heat and volatility of the earth’s precarious formation she recognised how slim her chance of birth had been. What became important was how to retain this fragile thread that had somehow managed to thrust itself up out of the boiling inferno to become the life-giving planet that we know today. As life diversified through the numerous stages it was evident that different worlds were also emerging. The world of life, the world of death and the world of dreams. And it was in the world of dreams that Mother Nature would plant the seedlings of mutual respect. Where all the animals became one. Where they could communicate without fear. Where relationships could be nurtured for the benefit of all.

The wild horses of Mislingford had been entrusted with the power. Incorruptible. Cautious. Trustworthy. They would collectively hold the ultimate power over the dream world and the ability to move between all worlds for ever. The power of immortality.

And it was deemed that the knowledge would be passed down by word of mouth by the chosen few - and that nothing should ever be indicated or translated to ensure it remained pure. Unadulterated. Untainted. But as man rose up the evolutionary scale and began to evolve a language and the written form, it became clear that mankind was now becoming a risk to the balance that had been painstakingly nurtured through the ages. And so it was agreed that mankind would show respect and trust by worshipping the elements as well as worshipping the animals. And mankind did follow this path. The Pagan path. The respect would be passed on through generations by the many icons and legends that were refined and promoted through the tribes and peoples of the Pagan world. Until the Romans promoted two fundamental influences that upset the equilibrium. Abusing animals for entertainment and Christianity. By vilifying the worship of animals and elements, Christianity was slowly but surely energised to persuade mankind that it was the only belief of any worth. The average cost of living then sky rocketed for the gullible. You now had to pay on the way in for your entertainment and then on the way out for religious redemption.

Aiwass, like the fool that he was, walked into to this emerging arena with his eyes shut and his flies wide open. It’s all about the timing. Don’t go spouting your mouth off about immortality within sling-shotting distance of a man looking to create a monumental empire. It’s only going to give him ideas. And trying to shag his lover is only going to make him more excitable. Once Aiwass had written it all down and showed Cleopatra, it was irreversible. He’d pushed the send button. And Julius Caesar was not a man to be trifled with.

Despite his many attempts to make amends over the coming centuries, Aiwass just made it worse. Coveted by kings and warriors, this was not exactly the beast that Aiwass had intended to unleash. In the ensuing chaos, it was left to others to continually clear up the mess he made with reckless abandon. Usually the Approved Men of Oakridge. Worse, in his moment of outstanding naivety, he had not reckoned with Crowley’s mastery of the supernatural; for which the world very nearly paid the ultimate price.

An Aiwass still has an outstanding debt...

This is the knowledge that has been at the heart of the Ingoldsby legacy - coveted by kings and rulers for centuries. Its loss during the English Civil War and subsequent reappearance in the hands of the Approved Men of Oakridge was significant. Oliver Cromwell was just one of many rulers who had sought to use the knowledge to subjugate the masses to his will. He was to fail like so many before him because the Approved Men of Oakridge were well aware of his intention. It was fortunate that it fell into the right hands at the right time and the Ingoldsbys, thanks to Sir Richard (1615-1685), inherited the responsibility of Keeper of the Gate, among a myriad of others. The first chapters in Beyond the Pinkerton Road explain how that came about curtesy of Charles II following Restoration.


In later years, Major Richard Ingoldsby (1902-1987), later General Ingoldsby, was key in preventing Adolf Hitler and Edward Winsor achieving what had eluded so many before them. The opening chapter in Further Beyond the Pinkerton Road is the pivotal moment in that part of history. He also brought an end to their collaboration with Aleister Crowley. His ability to deal with those that would pervert the course of justice for their own means was a direct result of his understanding of the knowledge and how to use the power contained within it. In simple terms, he was exceptional.

The Victorian era was a quieter period except for the infamous Crowley in the latter part of the 19th century. Fortunately for history, we had Mary Atwood (nee South) who understood the past as much as anyone before or since. It was her intervention that is significant - which is explored in Further Beyond the Pinkerton Road...

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A perfect blend of normal and fantasy!!! Myth and magic!!! Characters are so believable. Found it hard to put down

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