The Friday Interview with Mo Farah...

January 12, 2017

Every Friday, the Author invites a celebrated guest to interview him about his work as he strives for literary success.


This week: Mo Farah lifts the carpet…


MF: Thank you for agreeing to this interview today Mark

Author: No problem Mo, I’ve been looking forward to this one.

MF: Can I just say before we start that you’re looking a bit pudgy. You could do with running it off.

Author: Well it is January, Mo. I’m a bit post-Christmas right now.

MF: That’s no excuse Mark. I didn’t get all these medals with that attitude.

Author: They look a bit heavy. You can take them off now Mo.

MF: I never take them off. Ever. And I can run just as fast with them on. Do you want me to prove it?

Author: No, that’s fine Mo. Can we just get on with interview please?

MF: Look I can run around this table and still talk. What do you think of that? I’m not even out of breath.

Author: Mo, please stop running. I’m finding it a bit distracting. Can we get onto the first question please?

MF: Okay. But I’m going to keep running Mark. I was born to run.

Author: Okay Mo, whatever. First question please.

MF: Right. Tell me a little bit about the series. Where’s it going? Will there be an ending?

Author: Yes, there will definitely be an ending…Mo, what are you doing?

MF: I’m “pulling a Mo”. The crowds love it.

Author: Put your hands down. It’s bad enough having you running around the table. Can we get back to the interview please?

MF: Sorry, Mark. You were saying something or other about the ending?

Author: Yes. I set out to write a trilogy and so that’s what I’m going to do. The last book will definitely be called Resolution. One of the central themes has been the way we look for resolution in everything so it needs to be true to that. I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about the challenge of Resolution because of all the responses I’ve had to Beyond the Pinkerton Road. A great story needs a great ending where people don’t feel let down. It has to live up to everything before it - so I’m feeling the pressure already. I’m well into the second book at the moment and really pleased with the writing. It’s a bit more free-flowing because the characters are already formed which means I’m writing dialogue for characters that I already know well. Book 2 will be much spookier, darker and punchier. The opening chapter is a spin on historical events and quite violent. It sets up the understanding of the Ingoldsby legacy which will come to the fore as the animal world collides with ours in the second book. In fact all the themes will become more pronounced, especially the rock and roll one.

MF: Is there any running in Book 2?

Author: What?

MF: Running. Is there any running?

Author: In what context?

MF: You don’t need context Mark, you need grit and determination.

Author: Not really Mo.

MF: Well it won’t win any medals then will it? Look at me, I’m still not out of breath. Mark! – look at me properly.

Author: I am looking Mo but it’s making me feel dizzy. Can we get back to the interview?

MF: Yeah, sorry Mark. Right. If the books were turned into a screenplay, who would you like to see playing the lead characters?

Author: Great question Mo. Maybe Hugh Bonneville for Dr Ingoldsby. I really liked him in W1A and his relationship with Hugh Skinner. I thought that whole series was brilliantly written and brilliantly cast. Or even Bill Nighy. That’s how I see him in my mind. I’m not sure about Matthew. I see him as a sort of Martin Freeman character from The Office. Maybe even Hugh Skinner and Hugh Bonneville in a reprise of their relationship from W1A. Mo, please stop running now. I believe you.

MF: That’s a lot of “Hughs”. What about a “Mo”?

Author: A Mo?

MF: Yes, me. A Mo. I could play the leading role like that Forest Gump fella. I want to be in a film like him. What about me? I’m faster than Gump. Waaay faster. I could have him on the track or in that acting stuff. I need a new challenge. I want Gump’s crown.

Author: Err…I’m not sure you’re quite getting it Mo.

MF: What are you trying to say? Are you saying I can’t run?

Author: It’s not about the running Mo. As you rightly point out, you were born to run. But…

MF: But fucking nothing! Just give me a chance Mark! I can take Gump, I know it!

Author: Forest Gump was an entirely different…

MF: I can do “different”. I can piss while I run. I bet Gump can’t do that. Watch this…

Author: Mo, what are you doing? You’ll just make a mess that Mrs Daily will have to clear up.

MF: I won’t because…look! I can run just as fast backwards as I can forwards.

Author: Mo, put that bucket down…


Next Friday: The Archbishop of Canterbury asks the big question…

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