Matthew Dullsworth

Interview with Matthew Dullsworth for Talking Comms the leading magazine for the Public Communications Sector

TC: I'm surprised Oakridge Borough Council are letting you do this interview. It's usually left to Senior Management to do the preening stuff. How come they're letting you do it?

MD: They don't know I'm here

TC: Whoah! That's a bit bit rad for Corporate Comms

MD: Like the man said, sometimes you gotta take a walk on the wild side

TC: That copy you got into the Oakridge Gazette on the Tumle Down redevelopment plan was something else. A world class piece of comms. And it got a lot of people in the sector talking. I don't think anyone else could've written such a big informative piece on such a controversial issue and yet still revealed absolutely nothing. Inspiring stuff

MD: Yeah, that was top grade shite Neil

TC: The name's David

MD: Whatever

TC: Have you been drinking?

MD: Not as much as I'd like

Talking Comms:  Volume 8:  August 2015 from Inside Talk feature
Born Matthew Langford February 23rd 1980 in Portsmouth, Hampshire
Guitarist, artist, fixer, manipulator
Senior Communications Officer for Oakridge Borough Council

Extract from Child Psychologist report 1993

Matthew is adjusting well to his new home. He is having less episodes and Mr & Mrs Dullsworth have reported that he has been less abusive towards them since the last report three months ago. He is also mixing with the other family children in a more structured way and has shown a recent interest in playing the guitar.

His school attendance has improved dramatically and he has only missed three days in the last month. He still seems attracted to the Brown Downs and is usually to be found at Apple Dumpling Bridge when he goes absent from school.  He is certainly becoming less of a loner and is integrating much better with the other children during classroom activities. He has only had one fight with other children in the last month.

His interviews with me have shown him to be intelligent and thoughtful about what he says. However, his excuses around his misbehaviour are considered and sometimes elaborate. He is due to come off the medication in September and is responding well to the reducing dosage. He says that he still has dreams about the wolf but that they are happening less and less.

When asked about his ambitions he is unable to articulate them. His school report says that his achievements are average because he finds it difficult to stay engaged in the classroom. If he paid more attention and worked harder it is likely that he could become a high achiever. When asked about his choices for next year he seems to want to pursue art class. His art teacher remains stoically unimpressed by his artistic skills despite his whole-hearted enthusiasm for the subject and we have persuaded Matthew to pursue more academic subjects in his own best interests.

Recommendation: That Matthew should be taken off the risk register at the end of his medication which is due to finish at the end of September depending on progress

Child: Langford (Matthew) 23/02/1980
Sue Harrington, Clinical Psychologist, Gosport Social Services
Date: 04/06/93

Extract from Gosport Social Services interview 1989

Child: Langford (Matthew) 23/02/1980

Present: Lisa Cummings (Case Officer), Susan Harrington (Graduate Psychologist, NHS)

Date: 17/09/89

LC: Can you tell us more about these dreams Matthew?

ML: (M shakes his head. He refuses to answer)

LC: Why don't you want to talk about it? It might make you feel better if you talk to us? The last time we talked, you told us all that nonsense about the wolf. He's not real Matthew. Is he still telling you not to talk to us?

ML: (M nods his head. He still hasn't spoken)

LC: Matthew, remember Susan? She's here to help you. I know you're upset, but sometimes it's best to talk about things that you're worried about. What do you think? Will you talk to Susan?

SH: Hello Matthew. I saw that picture that you drew of a wood. That was really good. Do you like to paint?

ML: (Nods his head)

SH: Do you want to tell me more about the wolf?

ML: (Shakes his head. He hasn't said anything at this point in the interview)

SH: Is he here now Matthew?

ML: (nods his head)

SH: Is he trying to hurt you?

ML: (Shrugs his shoulders)

SH: Matthew, it's important that you talk to us. We're going to give you some medicine that will help to make you better. Make the wolf go away


Interview terminated at this point as Child Langford attacked LC and SH

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