The Ingoldsby  Tree

Sir Richard Ingoldsby of Lenborough (genius)

Knighted in 1617 by James I for services to the Crown

High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire 1606

Colonel Sir Richard Ingoldsby (regicide)

Knighted in 1661 at the coronation of Charles II

Signed the death warrant of Charles I

Colonel Sir Henry Ingoldsby (gambler)

Gaoled in 1699 for non-payment of debt

Knighted in 1719 for services to the Crown

Thomas Ingoldsby MP (womaniser)

Member of Parliament for Oakridge 1730-1734

Retired from public life following a scandal 1734

Brigadier-General Richard Ingoldsby (coward)

Retreated under fire at the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745

Lost his regiment to Colonel John Laforey in disgrace

Henry Ingoldsby (preacher)

Rector of All Saints Church, Tumble 1779-1801

Defrocked in 1801

General Sir Stanley Ingoldsby (farmer)

Made a fortune from wool and bought much of Tumble village

Knighted in 1826 for services to the Crown

General Sir Richard Ingoldsby (hero)

Wounded in the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War

Retired and knighted in 1861 to become Keeper of the Gate

Major-General Sir Henry Ingoldsby (missionary)

Retired from military service in 1873 to become a missionary

Rector of All Saints Church, Tumble 1876-1910 but lost at sea 1912

Brigadier-General Sir Richard Ingoldsby (coke-head)

Wounded at Ypres 1915

Knighted in 1919 for services to the Crown

General Sir Richard Ingoldsby (psychopath)

a.k.a. Sturmbannfuhrer Siegfried Knappe

Captured by the Russians at the end of WWII and released to the United States using both the names Ingoldsby and Knappe

Last known person to see The Book of Aiwass

General Sir David Ingoldsby (healer)

Knighted in 1981 for services to the Crown

Disappeared presumed suicide 1987

Dr Richard Ingoldsby, Equine Veterinary Surgeon
(Drug dealer, drinker, coke-head, gambler, womaniser, psychopath)

Unlikely ever to be knighted for services to the Crown or anyone else for that matter

Entered the Purple Wood early summer 2016

End of the Pinkerton Road front

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