The Purple Wood

End of the Pinkerton Road front

This is the world of my imagination. The Purple Wood.

This series of novels – Beyond the Pinkerton Road, Further Beyond the Pinkerton Road and The End of  the Pinkerton Road – started out as a simple children’s book back in 2009. Or thereabouts. It was a book based on a collection of stylised animals that I did in pen and watercolour that were loosely derived from the Celtic images on early coinage of Britain. Somebody suggested that they would make a good children’s book. Especially the ‘Weird Rabbits’, as they were dubbed by some wag. There was a very good reason why people referred to them as Weird Rabbits – I can’t draw to save my life. Have you ever tried drawing rabbits let alone horses? The very first piece I did was a foal and its mother based on two of the central animal characters in the books – Dandy & Shakira. That picture is now on a wall somewhere in The Algarve.

Beyond the Pinkerton Road was published in December 2016. The second book, Further Beyond the Pinkerton Road was published in June 2017 and The End of the Pinkerton Road was published in June 2019.

A seperate novel, The Boatman's Dog, also has a couple of fleeting cameo appearances of characters fron the Purple Wood.

Why the Purple Wood I hear you ask? The colour purple has always had a significance. It is the colour of kings and emperors. Homer refers to the ‘purple verdure’ in The Thirteenth Odyssey and is a place well known to the alchemists of history. A place beyond this world. The Elysian Fields.

The idea of ‘another world’ has been a significant part of man’s evolution from the beginning of time. Whether that world is a heavenly one as defined by Christianity or a world of dreams inhabited by shamans and animals is down to personal belief. Anyone who suffers from night terrors or lucid dreams as I do, will be able to imagine how these dreams could be interpreted by the ancients.

If you’ve ever had a bewildering experience that left you wondering about the existence of another world then you will want to explore the Purple Wood.

But be sure to keep the White Wolf close if you are intent on a journey into the unknown…

This is a story about the search for love, self and understanding.

Amazon review...

A perfect blend of normal and fantasy!!! Myth and magic!!! Characters are so believable. Found it hard to put down

© 2016 by Mark Fisher