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The End of the Pinkerton Road

Book Three in the Purple Wood series


Mary Ann’s confession about Angie forces Dr Ingoldsby to take matters into his own hands. Now that he has the truth, he sets out to change history...


Thanks to the alchemy skills of Jimmy Nayler and the drug-dealing enthusiasm of Jamesie, Synthetetramine goes viral – and Oakridge is sucked into the gyrating world of the Purple Wood.


Matthew is forced to confront his own painful and traumatic past – and is then offered an unexpected future.


Ever faithful to Dandy, Hutch wants no part of the growing madness around him - and is determined to get his friend back to Mislingford. On his own if necessary. But Dr Ingoldsby has other plans for Hutch - which include guitar-mad brothers, Rick and Francis.


As Matthew struggles to make sense of his changing world, Dr Ingoldsby comes up with a new plan. One that will benefit them both. He will travel back into Gosport’s Victorian past. To Bury House. To burn everything - with the unexpected aid of an old adversary.


But most of all…he wants Angie. And that means altering the events of 1987.


But Mary Ann is one step ahead of him. And she wants her own legacy.


Resolution awaits them all…at the End of the Pinkerton Road.



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The Boatman's Dog

A unusual story of love, loyalty and growing old


The life of Jack Roberts is about to change direction – but not in the way he expects.

A chance encounter with ninety year old George Miles takes him on a frantic, emotionally-charged journey back into the past – much to the despair of his long-suffering partner, Carly Jackson.

Jack is forced into making emotional choices that he is ill-equipped to deal with. But now he has George at his side to help steer him through it – accompanied by his imaginary dog. Or is it…?

Beyond the Pinkerton Road

Book One in the Purple Wood series


There are two paths to choose in life - so choose carefully...


But what if we could alter the past?

Equine Vet Dr Richard Ingoldsby is a man in search of the truth.

Driven by love and obsession, he embarks on a journey to secure his true destiny.

The Purple Wood Trilogy unfolds against a background where time has no meaning. Where truth and lies offer the same path. A place where the animals are in search of their own Resolution.

Dr Ingoldsby is determined to unlock the knowledge and change the course of his family history – regardless of the consequences. By entering the world of the Purple Wood, he ensures that nothing will ever be the same again.

A chance encounter drags Matthew Dullsworth into the life of Dr Ingoldsby - which changes both his past and his future. And reawakens buried memories of a traumatic childhood – along with the white wolf. The Pathfinder of legend.

Follow Dr Ingoldsby into the Purple Wood as he uses the reluctant Matthew to help him find the only woman he has ever loved. Angie.

In his search for the truth, the world of animals and men will be drawn together in a chaotic sequence of events from which there can be no going back.

Towards a truth that awaits them all - Beyond the Pinkerton Road.

A witty, sharply observed story about our eternal search for truth, love and who we really are.

Beyond the Pinkerton Road

Book Two in the Purple Wood series


Much to the despair of Matthew, Dr Ingoldsby still has one thing on his mind – to find Angie.

The ghostly appearance of alchemist Mary Ann South draws Nikki Jones into the search for Matthew – triggering her own sexual awakening.

And Hutch has only one thing on his mind…to help Dandy back to where he belongs - with the wild horses of the Mislingford.

Matthew is reluctantly drawn deeper into a centuries-old web of political conspiracy – but feels increasingly vulnerable to the lies and manipulations of those around him. Just like he did as a child.

​Animals and men find themselves up against a common peril that threatens to drag them all into the eternal darkness. So they hatch a plan between them. Their only plan. One that will change things forever. Resolution.

​But Dr Ingoldsby abandons them all in his search for the truth about Angie – only for them both to end up at the mercy of Judge Jeffreys alongside the martyrs of Gallows Hill.

In their endless search for the truth, they will each encounter far more than expected as they journey Further Beyond the Pinkerton Road...

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A perfect blend of normal and fantasy!!! Myth and magic!!! Characters are so believable. Found it hard to put down

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